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Our Services and Offerings

Services Include
  1. Conference website design and development: Creating custom website designs and developing functional and responsive conference websites.
  2. Event registration and ticketing: Implementing a system for attendees to register and purchase tickets for conferences.
  3. Agenda and schedule management: Developing a dynamic and user-friendly schedule and agenda for conference events.
  4. Speaker and sponsor management: Managing and showcasing information about conference speakers and sponsors.
  5. Social media integration: Integrating social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to promote conference events and engage attendees.
  6. Live streaming: Providing live streaming capabilities for virtual or hybrid conferences.
  7. Virtual or hybrid conference support: Providing technical support for virtual or hybrid conferences, including video conferencing and event management tools.
  8. Mobile app development: Developing a mobile app to provide attendees with real-time updates, schedules, and networking opportunities.
  9. Web hosting and maintenance: Providing web hosting services and maintaining conference websites to ensure their smooth operation.
  10. Payment gateway integration: Integrating secure payment gateways for ticket purchases and other transactions.
  11. Attendee engagement and networking: Developing features to promote attendee engagement and networking, such as forums and chat rooms.
  12. Accessibility compliance: Ensuring conference websites are accessible for users with disabilities.
  13. Interactive virtual experiences: Developing virtual experiences such as virtual exhibition halls, virtual networking opportunities, etc.
  14. Analytics and reporting: Providing analytics and reporting tools to track website traffic and engagement metrics.
  15. On-site support: Providing on-site technical support for physical conferences.
  16. Custom branding: Creating custom branding for conference websites to align with conference themes and messaging.
  17. Search engine optimization (SEO): Improving website visibility and ranking on search engines through on-page and off-page optimization techniques.
  18. Data protection and security: Implementing measures to protect attendee data and ensure website security.
  19. Post-conference support: Providing support for post-conference activities, such as event evaluations and data analysis.